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Is the Hifi Rose RA180 the sexiest piece of kit in audio? - June 3, 2022


The RA180 is a state-of-the-art integrated amplifier using the latest innovative technologies.

Power damping and dead times were reduced to 1/10 or less. Linearity was dramatically improved to create a near-perfect sound that transcends the boundaries between digital and analog.

Loaded with features and flexibility, combined with the awesome sound, makes ownership of the RA180 insanely easy to enjoy.

We are expecting to have a demo here by July 2022, please call, text or email to arrange an audition.

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ProAc K6 Signature - June 2, 2022


Designed as a true high-end loudspeaker, the K6 Signature offers an impressively accurate sound reproduction that has an amazingly flat response throughout the frequency range.

What sets the signatures apart from the rest of the ProAc lineup (save the K10’s) is the 3-inch midrange. It gives better detail and a seamless transition from low to mid frequencies. This larger midrange dome is produced by ProAc and has a billet aluminium wave guide with a special vented chamber to the rear.

An impressive addition to any audiophile and music lovers’ home, the K6 Signature not only has a stunning sound but also spectacular looks, especially in the premium Tamo Ash finish.

Please call, text or email to set up an audition.



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Dovedale and Aston are being added to the Wharfedale Heritage Series - May 26, 2022


It’s official – Dovedale and Aston have been welcomed as the newest members of the Wharfedale Heritage Series So great to see two  more classic Wharfedale speakers, with the finest up-to-date technology.

We can’t wait until we have these here for demo at Audio by Mark Jones here in Whitby just East of Toronto, stay tuned.






HighEnd Munich 2022: Peter Comeau talks about Wharfedale Dovedale and Aston
Jadis DA88S arrives at AMJ! - March 11, 2022


As Jadis’ most powerful integrated amplifier, the DA88S MkII rewards its listeners with a rich musical experience refined from numerous component and chassis upgrades over its long production history. The DA88S MkII is a robust 60 watt, pure class-A, KT120 integrated amplifier with five line inputs and included remote control. Thanks to Jadis’ custom-made signature transformers, high-gain low-noise five tube front-end and symmetrical push-pull operation, the DA88S MkII can effortlessly drive all but the most difficult loudspeakers. The DA88S MkII produces a warm and rich yet very detailed fast sound with tremendous dynamics and a large soundstage, and it’s no wonder The Absolute Sound named the DA88S MkII as a Product of the Year winner! Give us a call today to come audition this great amplifier.

2015 Absolute Sound Integrated amp of the Year!