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What’s new for May 2021 - May 26, 2021

With the current lockdown situation we have not been sitting on our laurels here at AMJ. Getting ready for when things open up, with exciting new products for demo.

Here’s the list:

Rotel Michi
Acoustical Systems Axiom Anniversary
Linn LP12’s galore
New products from Aurender
Kuzma turntables and tonearms
Fyne Audio 302 and 502’s
And back on demo, the Constellation Taurus Stereo amplifier

Possibly the best tonearm on the planet – The AS Axiom Anniversary - May 26, 2021

We are preparing the Acoustical Systems Anniversary to be used with the fabulous Kronos Pro turntable. The attached photo shows a temporary 3D printed prototype armboard, double-checking geometry. Prior to printing that UGLY RED prototype armboard, we tested the bearings, and OMG talk about frictionless – absolutely amazing!

The Axiom Anniversary Tonearm features 3 micrometers for repeatable fine tuning adjustments. VTA  can be adjusted with 1/500 mm accuracy and on the fly to boot! Anti-skating can also be adjusted with 1/500 mm accuracy, but the Tonearm also incorporates a non-linear magnetic force to counteract the skating force, with the utmost accuracy.

  • Axiom headshell

  • Full kit

Kuzma has landed at AMJ - May 25, 2021


Here at Audio by Mark Jones (AMJ) we are so pleased to be representing Kuzma in the Central and East GTA.

We currently have the two tables up and running the Stabi S (with the upgraded power supply) partnered with the Stogi S. Also on demo is the amazing Stabi R that can accomodate 4 tonearms. It is currently set up with a Kuzma 4 Point, a classic FR-64 and the beautiful Ikeda IT-407, cartridges are from Koetsu, Lyra and Ortofon.

  • Stabi R Test

  • Stogi S

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