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 CH Precision Nordost Magico Aurender Kronos Lyra

We would like to thank the organizers (Sarah and Michel) and their staff that made The Montreal Audio Fest an absolutely wonderful show, job well done thank you.

Also big thanks to my partners, CH Precision, DVL Audio, Nordost, Kronos Audio, Aurender, Massif Audio Design and Magico for all their help in making this such a successful event for us.

But most importantly a big huge thanks to attendees, without them there would not be a show. Thank you so much for coming out to have a listen to our system set up in the St-Lambert room.

Click here for info on the system and photos

AMG Viella turntable

The wonderful AMG Viella, our demo unit has the optional dual arm set-up. We also have fine turntables from VPI and Kronos on demo including – The Sparta, the full blown Pro with the SCPC Power supply, and the VPI Avenger.

And if you like the classics, we have a Technics SP25, Thorens TD124 and a Garrard 401 on display.

Constellation Audio Toronto

The newest addition here at Audio by Mark Jones. The Constellation Audio Inspiration Integrated Amplifier.