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BIG NEWS – We have moved to a new brick and mortar location in Ajax - March 30, 2023

We have just opened a newly renovated farmhouse in Ajax, Ontario. 30 minutes East of Toronto (at the right time of day ;-)) and only 3 minutes from the 401 (East bound) and the 407/412.

The goal with the new shop is to make it easier for our clients to visit and experience audio in a realistic setting. If the plan is to get the perfect demo, we strongly suggest you make an appointment outside regular open hours. Or maybe you would like to show up unannounced for a casual browse, listen or a chat. If so please check out the Contact page for details.

Clarisys are coming to Canada - April 25, 2023

We are so proud to be appointed the first dealer in Canada to represent Clarisys Audio, the most talked about speaker brand for 2023.

Clarisys Audio design and build planar ribbon speakers in the style of Apogee Acoustics (1981 to 1999). These new state of the art loudspeakers start with serious construction, machined from solid Aluminum, using double sided bass ribbons, neodymium magnet structures, and top quality crossover parts (example: Jantzen Superior Z, MultiCap and others). A dozen years have been spent reverse engineering this technology. The result is limitless dynamic range, subterranean bass, and realistically precise imaging. All this, while maintaining a flat easy to drive impedance curve and superb reliability.

We are expecting them to arrive at the start of summer, can’t wait!

Clarisys Audio

Montreal Audiofest 2023 - April 4, 2023

WOW! What a fantastic show. It wasn’t just about having a great sounding room (and a big thanks to David Chan of DVL (Canadian CH Precision distributor) and Bruno Delormier of Nordost for all their help in making that happen). But man, the vibe at the show was awesome. It seemed everyone there, attendees and the exhibitors were truly happy and appreciative. Another big thanks has to go to Sarah and Michel and their fantastic team in making the show a wonderful success.

Here is link from Robert Schryer’s mini review of our room from Stereophile’s website. Thanks so much Robert for the kind well written words, much appreciated.

Please Click here


Magico A5 wins double Stereophile award - December 1, 2022

In a first for Stereophile, Magico has garnered the “Loudspeaker of the Year” award for the second year in a row. This year, the A5 has won in a contest that “Wasn’t even close”, besting both the Wilson Chronosonic XVX and Klipsch Forte IV.

Of the A5, Jim Austin wrote:
I also appreciated the A5’s brute-force physical and visual aesthetic, calling it ‘imposing. It emanates gravity—that sense of massiveness—in much the way that Egyptian pyramids do, or Alpine cliff faces (although obviously on a smaller scale). Touch it, spend time around it, and you’re impressed with its substance.’

The Magico A5 also won the overall “Component of the Year award”, Magico’s first in their 17 year history. Congratulations to Alon Wolf and Magico on this tremendous achievement! Come to Audio by Mark Jones and check out the Magico A5 for yourself.

Magico A5 - Stereophile Component of the Year