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Magico A5 wins double Stereophile award - December 1, 2021

In a first for Stereophile, Magico has garnered the “Loudspeaker of the Year” award for the second year in a row. This year, the A5 has won in a contest that “Wasn’t even close”, besting both the Wilson Chronosonic XVX and Klipsch Forte IV.

Of the A5, Jim Austin wrote:
I also appreciated the A5’s brute-force physical and visual aesthetic, calling it ‘imposing. It emanates gravity—that sense of massiveness—in much the way that Egyptian pyramids do, or Alpine cliff faces (although obviously on a smaller scale). Touch it, spend time around it, and you’re impressed with its substance.’

The Magico A5 also won the overall “Component of the Year award”, Magico’s first in their 17 year history. Congratulations to Alon Wolf and Magico on this tremendous achievement! Come to Audio by Mark Jones and check out the Magico A5 for yourself.

Magico A5 - Stereophile Component of the Year
Linn has landed at AMJ - October 31, 2021


We are so proud to have been appointed an official Linn partner. Although we have the entire lineup of linn of products available, we have decided to specialize in their fabulous sources, the LP12 turntable and the DSM Network Music Players.

We have a bunch of LP12’s here including the latest greatest iterations of the Majik and Klimax tables. Being the latest, the Klimax we have on dem includes the Ekstatik cartridge and the all new Radical Reference motor control, motor and power supply.

Please call, text or email to set-up a demo

Yes we have one in stock and still sealed in the box! - October 30, 2021


LUXMAN is celebrating it’s 95th anniversary and among their many components that have made names for themselves over the course of their history, the L-570 series pure Class A integrated amplifiers have a reputation that fascinates audio enthusiasts to this day. Luxman’s L-595A SPECIAL EDITION is a limited production model that faithfully replicates the appearance, sound quality and image after 30 years. It is outstanding among modern audio components, while retaining simple operability and featuring beautiful exterior details. The front panel has a delicate hairline finish contrasting with the lower section, crafted in black Alumite, creates a striking two-tone color scheme, like original L-570 models. The top plate also has a beautiful hairline finish to match the front panel and widened venting to improve heat dissipation. With its special exterior finish, industrial design and the latest circuitry, we hope the 300-unit (worldwide) special limited-edition L-595ASE will become highly sought after by audio enthusiasts and music lovers alike.


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What’s new for May 2021 - May 26, 2021

With the current lockdown situation we have not been sitting on our laurels here at AMJ. Getting ready for when things open up, with exciting new products for demo.

Here’s the list:

Rotel Michi
Acoustical Systems Axiom Anniversary
Linn LP12’s galore
New products from Aurender
Kuzma turntables and tonearms
Fyne Audio 302 and 502’s
And back on demo, the Constellation Taurus Stereo amplifier