The most relaxed High-End audio shop in the Toronto area

The most relaxed High-End audio shop in the Toronto area.

Building music systems you can hear with your heart.

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With the latest COVID measure here in Ontario, demos are on hold. However, we are happy to arrange sales via curb-side pick up or door-to-door shipping.

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What’s New at Audio By Mark Jones


Magico’s Outstanding new A5 loudspeakers

The crown of Magico’s most affordable A series loudspeakers, new A5’s are a statement design from Magico.

Joining the full A-series loudspeaker line at AMJ are Magico’s statement M2 Loudspeakers,the S3 MKII’s and the S7’s. If you’re curious about Magico, we’ve got you covered.

Jadis valve amplification

Exclusive to the North American market, the Jadis Orchestra Black is now on the floor at $5795.

The late, great Art Dudley wrote these words on the Orchestra Black in Stereophile last spring. Art will be sorely missed, but his legacy lives on in his countless pages of thoughtful audio writing.

Fyne Audio have landed in Toronto.

Fyne Audio Toronto

Fyne Audio loudspeakers are serious business, offering models at price points that suit all customers. We have the flagship F1-12s, the amazing F703 and F502SP’s as well as the ridiculously good F501’s at only $2200 a pair.

Turntables are our specialty

high end audio toronto

We have multiple turntables on display at AMJ.

Pictured above is the Sparta 0.5 from Canada’s own turntable manufacturer, Kronos Audio. We also have the full blown Kronos Audio Pro, with the SCPC Power supply, Black Beauty Tonearm and the ZYX Universe III.

Also on the floor is an SME 20/3 with the wonderful Lyra Etna SL; a beautiful AMG Viella; The Vertere Acoustics RG1 with Acoustical Systems Aquilar arm and Lyra Atlas Lambda cartridge.

Another specialty at Audio By Mark Jones are maintenance and upgrades to the legendary Linn LP12. Properly trained by Linn with over 30 years experience, I am an authorized representative for Mober Linn turntable upgrades. You can trust us to look after your Linn and you can always count on seeing and/or hearing a handful of LP12’s.