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Linn LP12 Summer Promotion - June 29, 2024


We are pleased to announce that Linn will be running a promotion over the months of June, July, and August this year. This Summer promotion is centred around LP12 upgrades.

This Summer, with the purchase of any Sondek LP12 component, you will receive a 30% discount on any second upgrade you choose to buy at the same time. You can improve the performance of your turntable twice over, for a huge jump in musical enjoyment, and at great value.

The Summer promotion applies to all Linn Sondek LP12 components, including Radikal & Urika bundles, and can also be combined with the currently running Lingo/Radikal and cartridge trade-ins. It will run until 31st August 2024, at which point both this promotion and the Lingo/ Radikal trade-in scheme will come to an end.

One of the many beauties of Linn’s Sondek LP12 is its modularity and inherent upgradeability. Linn has a range of precision-engineered components available to take your LP12 to the next level of performance. They are also committed to further developing new components as their manufacturing processes and technologies improve. So your LP12 can grow with you, and be improved over time as desire and budget allow.

Various elements of a Sondek LP12 can be upgraded with precision Linn components – with a handful of models to choose from in each category, dependent on the desired performance level. The frequent temptation is to upgrade the parts of an LP12 that one can see and interact with – namely the tonearm and cartridge – but this doesn’t always present the biggest uplift in performance versus other, more concealed components.

Linn has a recommended order in which to upgrade your Sondek; an order which details the greatest leaps in performance achieved by a single upgrade, and therefore the best value. To hear the difference brought about by a Karousel bearing upgrade is astonishing, but might not be the first thing you think to upgrade. Please get in touch to discuss which upgrades would bring about the biggest improvements for your personal LP12.


Grimm MU2 - March 21, 2024
Yet another superlative MU2 review was published by Michael Lavorgna on Twittering Machines:
I believe it speaks for itself, so enjoy the read!
We are demonstrating the MU1 at the Montreal Audiofest March 22-24 with Linn, Ch Precision, Magico, Nordost, and Solidsteel in the Westmount 4 room. Please come visit us.
Magico S3 - February 18, 2024

Oh my lord, in the last year I gotta say we probably were asked to play the new Magico S3’s more than maybe all other speakers in the store combined and WOW they never disappointed, OK maybe once 😉 What a huge success the New S3 has been for both Magico and AMJ.

The New S3 is a huge departure from previous S series speakers from Magico. Other than not having carbon fibre as a cabinet material, the new S3 has more in common with Magico’s flagship M series models than the current S series.

Here is a link to The new S3  from magico’s website and a great Video by Jeff Fritz 


Fyne Audio Vintage Classic 10″ - February 18, 2024

What a great video from Kevin Deal, south of the border at Upscale Audio. He chats about the current reviews in What Hifi magazine regarding the Tannoy Stirling III LZ SE (one of my favourite brands from the past) and the amazing new Fyne Audio Vintage Classic X 10″, Scotland’s finest!

Here’s the Link

Clarisys are coming to Canada - April 25, 2023

We are so proud to be appointed the first dealer in Canada to represent Clarisys Audio, the most talked about speaker brand for 2023.

Clarisys Audio design and build planar ribbon speakers in the style of Apogee Acoustics (1981 to 1999). These new state of the art loudspeakers start with serious construction, machined from solid Aluminum, using double sided bass ribbons, neodymium magnet structures, and top quality crossover parts (example: Jantzen Superior Z, MultiCap and others). A dozen years have been spent reverse engineering this technology. The result is limitless dynamic range, subterranean bass, and realistically precise imaging. All this, while maintaining a flat easy to drive impedance curve and superb reliability.

Clarisys Audio

Here is a link to a very extensive review of the Clarisys Auditorium by Roy Gregory of Gy8

Click here

Linn has landed at AMJ - October 31, 2021


We are so proud to have been appointed an official Linn partner. Although we have the entire lineup of linn of products available, we have decided to specialize in their fabulous sources, the LP12 turntable and the DSM Network Music Players.

We have a bunch of LP12’s here including the latest greatest iterations – The Majik Akurate, Selekt and Klimax.

Please call, text or email to set-up a demo

Montreal Audiofest 2023 - April 4, 2023

WOW! What a fantastic show. It wasn’t just about having a great sounding room (and a big thanks to David Chan of DVL (Canadian CH Precision distributor) and Bruno Delormier of Nordost for all their help in making that happen). But man, the vibe at the show was awesome. It seemed everyone there, attendees and the exhibitors were truly happy and appreciative. Another big thanks has to go to Sarah and Michel and their fantastic team in making the show a wonderful success.

Here is link from Robert Schryer’s mini review of our room from Stereophile’s website. Thanks so much Robert for the kind well written words, much appreciated.

Please Click here


BIG NEWS – We have moved to a new brick and mortar location in Ajax - March 30, 2023

We have just opened a newly renovated farmhouse in Ajax, Ontario. 30 minutes East of Toronto (at the right time of day ;-)) and only 3 minutes from the 401 (East bound) and the 407/412.

The goal with the new shop is to make it easier for our clients to visit and experience audio in a realistic setting. If the plan is to get the perfect demo, we strongly suggest you make an appointment outside regular open hours. Or maybe you would like to show up unannounced for a casual browse, listen or a chat. If so please check out the Contact page for details.