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We are open for business, and now scheduling visits and demos, obviously masked and physically distanced. Give us a call anytime and stay safe.


The most relaxed high end audio shop in the Toronto area. Building music systems you can hear with your heart is our speciality.

Wharfedale has landed in the GTA

Wharfedale Toronto

The Linton’s and EVO 4.4’s have just arrived with more to come, please get in touch for an audition of these insanely affordable lovely sounding loudspeakers.

A recent testimonial:

“Hi Mark,

Just a short note to thank you so very much for the care you took in introducing me to digital streaming DACs and ROON.

Although I’ve been an audiophile for more years than I care to admit, high fidelity digital has never really been part of my listening equation. High performance analog is what I have concentrated on.

Absolutely no pressure and remarkably non-partisan in your approach in educating me has me absolutely delighted in the choices you guided me through.

The Bryston DAC , Roon Nucleus and the Solid State drive you installed are working flawlessly and sound incredible. I’m shocked at the quality of the presentation this combination can deliver. I especially appreciated your insistence that you visit me to set it up. Turns out you made some adjustments that made the network work so much better.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sent home with a box from a high end dealer only to be left on my own. Your bespoke approach and care should set the standard for retailers in this world of performance orientated audio. 

Thanks for a great experience!



Luxman SQ-N150 $3635 CAD

Luxman Toronto

What a wonderful product. A beautifully built EL84 integrated amplifier with legendary Luxman Japanese reliability. It is loaded with features, remote control, VU meters, tone controls (or line straight), and an MM/MC phono input. Most importantly, it sounds beautiful.

Click here, for the Hifi News Review by Ken Kessler

Coming soon, the new Vertere Dynamic Groove Turntable DG-1

Vertere Toronto

At $4795, The Dynamic Groove is Vertere‘s most affordable design; the easiest to set up and use, and also contains some of their most innovative thinking.

The Amazing Magico M2‘s, call to arrange an audition.

Magico M2 Montreal

To go along with the M2’s, we also have A1’s, A3’s, S3 MKII’s and the S7’s on the floor ready for demonstration.

We demoed the M2’s at the Toronto Audio Fest located at the The Westin Toronto Airport Hotel, Oct 18-20. What a great show that was, a big huge thanks to everyone that made this wonderful show a reality and of course all the visitors.

Fyne Audio have landed in Toronto.

Fyne Audio Toronto

The amazing F703 and F702’s are the first to arrive. Next up are the ridiculously good for the money F501’s at only $2200 a pair.

Kronos Sparta 0.5

high end audio toronto

We have the fine turntables from Kronos on demo including – The Sparta and the full blown Pro with the SCPC Power supply, Black Beauty Tonearm and the Lyra Etna SL. Also on demo is the beautiful AMG Viella, The Vertere RG1 and Classic Luxman PD-171A.

And if you like the classics, we have a TD124 and a Garrard 401 on display. Both with Ikeda IT407 tonearms. The 124 with an Ikeda 9TT and the 401 with a Kondo IOm cartridge