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The Amazing Magico M2’s

Magico M2 Montreal

Audio by Mark Jones will be exhibiting in the Westmount 1 room at the Montreal Audio Fest this March. We will be debuting Magico’s new M2 loudspeakers, driven by CH Precision electronics.


Kronos Sparta 0.5

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Kronos Sparta 0.5


We have the fine turntables from Kronos on demo including – The Sparta and the full blown Pro with the SCPC Power supply, Black Beauty Tonearm and the Lyra Etna SL. Also on demo is the beautiful AMG Viella and Classic Luxman PD-171A.

And if you like the classics, we have a TD124 and a Garrard 401 on display. Both with Ikeda IT407 tonearms. The 124 with an Ikeda 9TT and the 401 with a Kondo IOm cartridge

Aqua Acoustic Quality

Aqua Acoustic Quality

We are so proud to be appointed the exclusive Ontario dealer for these fabulous DAC’s.

In Stock and available for demo, are all three models, La Voce S3, La Scala and the Formula