It is in our opinion, this one of the best sounding tonearms available today. This level of performance stems from the fact that this tonearm was designed taking in consideration fundamental physics issues that had been previously neglected.

Firstly, the vertical location of the pivot point is at the level of the record groove (or very close to it). This removes a torquing force on the cantilever. It stabilizes the stylus within the groove and minimizes the negative effects of skating forces. Hence superior tracking performance is achieved without the use of anti-skating correction and thus eliminating this oscillating system.

Secondly, the mass of the tonearm is optimally distributed around the axis joining the stylus contact point and the pivot point, further enhancing the tonearm stability. This mass is also concentrated as close to the pivot point as possible, reducing inertia and improving response.

Finally, the innovative construction of the dual wall carbon arm tube maximizes rigidity while minimizing mass and resonance transmissions.

It allies efficiency with absolute simplicity. It has all the required adjustment to get the most from your cartridge performance. Yet it retains a pure design in form and function.