Audio by mark jones

Hi, I’m Mark Jones

About Mark

Hard to believe – but I’ve been in the high-end audio business for 37 years now. Whew! Time flies when you’re having fun. I think that’s the key right there – I’ve been having fun since I started, and I never want it to end.

I was an engineering student looking for a part-time job when I started working at an audio shop back in 1987. My expectation after graduation was to work in my specialised field as a mechanical engineer. While on the job, however, my passion for music and high-end sound grew, and though my engineering training remains helpful (I set up a pretty mean turntable!), since I started that part-time job, I haven’t wanted to do anything other than work in High-End Audio.

I built my career the old fashioned way – I started as a stock boy, and along the way I progressed to delivery and set-up person, sales and merchandising specialist, and finally as part-owner of an audio retail store. But In 2013, I sold my interest in a successful and well-established audio-video retail store and set up Audio by Mark Jones.

Setting up my own shop feels like those early years, when everything felt fresh and exciting, but with years of experience now at my back. My clients have often turned in to friends. I love what I do and try to use my passion and knowledge to steer my customers in the right direction in the pursuit of your Audio Nirvana.

At Audio By Mark Jones I will give you honesty and commitment. I will never cut a corner just to make a sale. I will ask you about where you have been in your audio pursuits in the past, where you are now, and where you want to go. I will formulate a plan alongside you to help get you there with the right equipment, the right philosophy at the best possible cost.
I stock some of the best and most desirable products available anywhere in the world. The equipment I represent has synergy, as I believe a great audio system can be made world-class by successful component matching. The skill required to build a world-class audio system comes from experience, and a lot of hard work.

I do not think there is anywhere better to travel through your audio journey than Audio by Mark Jones. We know what demanding audiophiles want because we are demanding audiophiles too. We offer First Class Sales and Service and strive for complete satisfaction.

And if, sometimes some of what you need is not in our product line, we will help you find it and set it up anyway, because if it’s right it’s right, and we want you to enjoy the unique life-changing experience of music and high-end two channel audio reproduction.