ALLNIC is short for “All Nickel”, which comes from the fact that all our output transformers are made with 78 percent nickel core permalloy. This not only makes ALLNIC a one of a kind, listeners hear more of the lows and highs with the greatest dynamic range available.

L3000 Line Stage Preamplifier

Allnic L-3000

The L3000 is a single gain stage, transformer coupled vacuum tube pre-amplifier.

Revelatory clarity, dynamics and drive.

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H3000 Phono Preamplifier

Allnic H3000 Audio by Mark Jones

The H3000 is a transformer coupled, LCR RIAA filtering, vacuum tube phono pre-amplifier with both moving coil and moving magnet inputs.

Low noise and distortion, incredible resolution and dynamics, and unbelievable soundstage realism.


 Allnic A5000 DHT Mono Amplifiers

Allnic A5000 DHT Audio by Mark Jones

The direct heated triode (DHT), Yummy.

Unbelievable drive from a single 300B. Unmatched clarity, detail, speed, decay and harmonics with “you are there” sound-staging.

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