Yeah I know this is the second posting about the factory visit but….

WOW, what an experience. Alon and his team go to the nth degree in terms of everything. The quality, attention to detail, innovation, materials used, I could go on and on…

I was attending the June 19th Dealer Symposium. During a Q&A session, someone asked Alon how many other speaker brands are using Graphene. A very expensive material used on all their midrange drivers and some woofers. Not only is Graphene not used by any other loudspeaker brands. When they first began using it, Magico were the first company to use the material in a commercially available product on the planet. Graphene had only previously been used in Aerospace and maybe formula one cars. Just an example of how special Magico is.

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, please give me a shout to have a listen to these wonderful loudspeakers, We currently have 3 models in stock.