One of my clients has decided to move to an island off the grid. This big change in lifestyle means a big audio system no longer fits the bill.

For Sale:

Tannoy Westminster GR  (SOLD)

SME 20/12, V12 Tonearm, and a Nordost Valhalla 2 Phono cable (DIN to RCA) (SOLD)

Ortofon MC Anna(SOLD)

Tenor Phono 1(SOLD)

Tenor 175S power amplifier

EAR 868 with MC phono (SOLD)

Kimber 2M KS 1116 and 1M KS 1016 interconnects

Please call for pricing

For Sale Tannoy Westminster

For Sale Tannoy Westminster Toronto

For Sale SME 20/12 V12

For Sale MC Anna

For Sale Tenor Phono 1

\For Sale Tenor 175S

For Sale EAR 868 Toronto