We are honoured and excited about being appointed an official Bryston Active sales, demo, and set-up centre here in the Toronto (GTA) area.

Bryston Active system in Toronto area


What is Active:

Active loudspeakers differ from passive loudspeakers in that the component that determines which drivers (Tweeter, Midrange and Woofer) get which audio frequencies is an electronic crossover placed directly between the preamp and the power amplifiers. This is contrary to passive loudspeakers where the crossover is typically built directly into the loudspeaker. In an active loudspeaker, each driver is powered by an independent amplifier channel, as opposed to a passive crossover where only one amplifier channel powers all of the drivers in the speaker.

Most active systems available in the past had mediocre amplifiers and x-overs built right into the loudspeaker. However with a Bryston Active system, you get to use Bryston’s own amazing amplifiers to power the loudspeakers.

Bryston Active system in Toronto area

Bryston has fine tuned the response of the BAX-1 Digital Electronic Crossover to reach a level of precision impossible to achieve with passive filters. Also, you may fine tune the bass response of the system using a tablet or other network connected device to overcome deficiencies in speaker placement or room acoustics. The result is never before heard clarity and nuance, dramatic control and power, and a musical epiphany every time you play the system.

Existing Model T Signature systems can be upgraded to Active without replacing the loudspeakers.

Below is an example of Bryston’s BAX-1 digital electronic crossover connected to a stereo amplifier for high and mid frequencies and mono amp powering the bass:

Connect all of your sources as usual to your preamp. Connect the analog outputs of your stereo preamp to the inputs of the BAX-1. The BAX-1 performs the crossover operation and generates separate outputs for low, middle, and high frequencies. Each of these outputs goes to a designated amplifier or amplifier channel which is then connected directly to the loudspeakers.

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