Kronos Pro and Moby’s 18 album

I love this album, especially listening to it on the Kronos Pro/SCPS/Black Beauty/Lyra ETA SL/CH Precision P1 phono-stage analog system.
Come for a visit or just wait to hear it at TAVES 2017, the album is coming with us to the show.
At this years show, expect to hear high end gear playing non-high end music […]

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Kronos SCPS-1 Review

Click the link to read Dato’ Danon Han’s terrific review of the Kronos Pro with the new SCPS-1 power supply.
The review was recently published by Mono & Stereo magazine.
Kronos Pro with the SCPS-1 power supply

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0.5 Sparta by Kronos

AMJ (Audio by Mark Jones), the first audio shop on the planet to have a Sparta 0.5 in captivity. That is until it’s sold!
This table is beautiful both for the eyes and ears. We (Louis and Jordi from Kronos and your’s truly) listened to it this morning with the Brinkmann 10.5 tonearm and the […]

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New Kronos motor upgrade – Wow

OMG, cannot believe how one of the best turntables in the world can be improved to such new heights. This table will convert your album collection into a master tape archive, incredible. It must be heard. There is simply no point in discussing what is the best sounding tablet on the planet anymore, long live Kronos!

Having […]

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The new Kronos Sparta 0.5

Click the Press release to enlarge









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Kronos and the new spectacular motors

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