Magico A3 review

First Impressions review by Matej Isak of Mono & Stereo Magazine.
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Some recent Constellation reviews

The Absolute Sound on the Inspiration Integrated
Soundstage on the Taurus Mono Amplifiers
Stereophile and the Inspiration Stereo 1.0 amplifier


Luxman L-509 reviews

This beautiful Integrated is the bomb 😉
What Hi-Fi

A great review of the Auralic Aries

Very informative, a great read.
Stereonet’s review

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Tenor’s fabulous Line1/ Power1 pre-amp

We have one on order, should arrive Oct/Nov.

Click on the link below to read Wojciech Pacuta’s review.
Line1/ Power1 review

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Magico S3 review

See The Soundstage Ultra  review of the new fantastic S3’s. Ours should arrive at the end of July 2014…. soon!
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Bryston’s BDP/BDA-2 two of my favourite components

I just love these two pieces. They are superlative yet affordable.
Read David McCallum’s review in The High Fidelity Report.
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Tenor Audio’s Line 1/Power 1 Pre-Amplifier review

Read the Six Moons review by Mike Malinowski. Mike does a wonderful job explaining Tenor’s design philosophy, HSI (Harmonic Structural Integrity). HSI is the foundation for all tenor designs.
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Take a look at Mike’s amazing reference system used for the review.

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