Tannoy Legacy event Feb 8th

Everyone is cordially invited to a Tannoy Legacy event here at Audio by Mark Jones to have a listen to the new Eaton, Cheviot, and Arden Loudspeakers by Tannoy.

The evening would not be complete without our special guest star, the Sugden A21SE amplifier.

Steve Brothman of Tannoy will be in attendance to answer any questions.

Hors d’oeurves & beverages will […]

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Tannoy Eaton’s in for a listen

OMG, are these the most musical loudspeakers on the planet? After an hour of listening, we think this may just be the case. Loving these beautiful small monitors (well not that small, they do have a 10″ woofer!)
And BTW, we are expecting the big brother Arden’s to arrive October 2017.

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The new Tannoy Legacy series coming soon to AMJ

Music is an art form that needs to be experienced in all its beauty, detail, and nuance without the colouration that can instantly detract from its purest essence. A truly great loudspeaker design enables the speaker system to remove itself from the soundscape and present the music in a manner that envelopes you in […]

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Tannoy GRF90 Limited Edition

Finally here. To celebrate 90 years of Tannoy excellence.
Please call to arrange a demo or drop by the TAVES show OCT 28-30 and hear them in the Nordost demo room powered by Viola electronics.

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New Limited Edition Tannoy

The Turnberry LE will feature many enhancements only available in the Kensington GR through the Westminster Royal GR that have many unofficially labeling the Turnberry LE as a Kensington light!
The enhancements include, but are not limited to a Pepper Pot wave guide, Alnico DC driver, completely new crossover, and notation of the Limited Edition […]

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The History of Tannoy and the new ‘Prestige Gold Reference’

Here is a much watch video for any Tannoy enthusiast
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