Magico A3 review by Soundstage Ultra

An excellent review written by Hans Wetzel
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Audio by Mark Jones visits the Magico factory

Yeah I know this is the second posting about the factory visit but….
WOW, what an experience. Alon and his team go to the nth degree in terms of everything. The quality, attention to detail, innovation, materials used, I could go on and on…
I was attending the June 19th Dealer Symposium. During a Q&A session, […]

A few photos from the Montreal audio show



Awesome times visiting the Magico factory

Attention to detail is insane. Man, some think Magico’s are pricey and true they are, but at least it’s for good reason. No speaker company on the planet puts so much effort into their products like Magico.
We have the latest S3, S5 and S7’s available at AMJ for demo, Please call to set up […]

Magico S5 MKII reviews

Myles B. Astor’s review in Positive Feedback
John Atkinson’s review

Magico S1 MKII’s arrive


These new S1’s set new standards for a small 2-way, they sound incredible.

Please call to arrange a demo 289 314 3609.

And in a couple more weeks the big brother S5 mkII’s arrive in the MCoat titanium finish.

CH Precision C1

The C1 is the finest, best sounding, most flexible and upgradable digital product we have ever encountered.

And its on permanent demo, so please come for a listen.

Designed for the true music lover, the C1’s apparent simplicity hides highly sophisticated technological solutions with the single goal of recreating the full musical experience. This emotion can […]

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