CH Precision C1

The C1 is the finest, best sounding, most flexible and upgradable digital product we have ever encountered.

And its on permanent demo, so please come for a listen.

Designed for the true music lover, the C1’s apparent simplicity hides highly sophisticated technological solutions with the single goal of recreating the full musical experience. This emotion can […]

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Montreal show report

Here is a link to the Enjoy the Music’s Montreal show report by Rick Becker part 4 (the conclusion)

Click here

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For my GTA friends.

Speakers Corner!

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please check out my Facebook page.

The link is in the upper right hand corner or just click the link below……
Click here
There is a ton of stuff there. Some very cool, check it out.

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A few pics.

Taken at AMJ tonight, I promise I will mount some carts by the weekend on the other two!

And two more from my friends home, Rick.

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Audeze LCD-3 /Bryston BDA-2 and Allnic’s amazing HPA-3000

Listening to Genesis’ Trick of the Tail tonight.
OMG, what an incredible experience, almost like hearing it for the first time on this incredible headphone set-up, I’m in Heaven.
The Allnic HPA-3000 is going on sale, Yippee.
Regular pricing is $3900 USD, now only $2599 USD plus tax.

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A few photos of the main demo area


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