It is well known that the electrical characteristics of turntable cartridges differ greatly from one cartridge to another. Ohm’s law shows that Moving Magnet cartridges will generate larger voltages while Moving Coil cartridges are generally more efficient at delivering current. Phono stages should take full advantage of the cartridges’ strengths and amplify the signal in the way they work best.


CH Precision P1 rear panel

With two dedicated MC current inputs (perfect for low impedance cartridges like the Lyra Etna SL and Kondo IO-M) and one MM/MC voltage input (ideal for MM’s or high impedance MC’s like many From Benz Micro and Clearaudio), the P1 provides the optimal coupling to all types of cartridges.

In addition, discrete class A stages as well as the highest grade, tight tolerance components allow the P1 to deliver high performances for a transparent yet natural sound.