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Koetsu moving coil phono cartridges are hand crafted in Japan, with the finest materials available, by second generation master cartridge maker Fumihiko Sugano. These sonic and visual masterpieces are available in limited quantities and are offered by only the most knowledgable audio retailers.

Other Products by Koetsu Audio
Black Goldline

For many, their Koetsu journey starts with the Black Goldline. While it is the most affordable Koetsu, it doesn’t sacrifice what makes a Koetsu special. The Black Goldline uses many of the same parts as the higher end models and the result is effortless musicality and magic.

“From the clarinets in the opening to the deeply textured final chord of the first movement, the Koetsu’s performance was impossible to ignore: This wasn’t just pretty sound in place of the music but sound as a part of the music.”                                                     Art Dudley, Stereophile
Black Goldline technical specs
  • FeaturesAnodized Aluminum BodyCopper Coil WiringSamarium Cobalt MagnetBoron Cantilever
  • Output0.4 mV
  • Weight10.2 g Net
  • Recommended Tracking Force1.8-2.0g
  • Recommended Load75-500Ω
Rosewood Signature

The Koetsu Rosewood is a cornerstone of high-performance analog playback history. By carefully selecting ultra high purity materials and aging parts to perform optimally, Sugano-san formed a cartridge that recreates real breathing music extracted from the grooves of your record collection.

The Rosewood Signature uses the most tightly matched coil and core sets offering more precise focus and a larger soundstage than the Rosewood Standard.
Rosewood Signature technical specs
  • FeaturesNatural Rosewood BodyCopper Coil WiringPermendur MagnetBoron Cantilever
  • Output0.4 mV
  • Weight9.18g Net
  • Recommended Tracking Force 1.8-2.0g
  • Recommended Load75-500Ω
Urushi Wajima

The Japanese art of Urushi is a tradition dating back 10,000 years. This natural lacquer is sourced from the caustic sap of the indigenous Urushi trees. The Urushi is applied by the hands of select Japanese artisans. Once the lacquer cures it hardens around the natural rosewood body changing its resonant frequency.

All Koetsu Urushi models use silver cladded ultra-high purity copper coils. This process involves a silver sheath being slowly drawn over the copper.

Many say the Urushi body Koetsus offer an even more exciting sonic signature compared to the standard Rosewood models.
Urushi Wajima technical specs
  • FeaturesUrushi Lacquered Rosewood BodySilverplated Copper Coil WiringPermendur MagnetBoron Cantilever
  • Output0.4 mV
  • Weight9.37g Net
  • Recommended Tracking Force1.8-2.0g
  • Recommended Load75-500Ω
Onyx Platinum

The pinnacle of cartridge design can be found in a Koetsu stone body. The body is machined from a block of high quality stone. Each block is carefully selected for natural grain and polished to a very fine finish.

Internally, only the most tightly matched silver sheathed copper coils and cores are used. Rare platinum magnets allow the stone body cartridges to fully create the ethereal sound on which Koetsu has earned its reputation.

“The end result is harmonious and cohesive, and the music unfolds in a way that gives you more time to listen – more time to unravel the individual strands that form part of the whole.” Hi-Fi+
Onyx Platinum technical specs
  • FeaturesOnyx Stone BodySilverplated Copper Coil WiringPlatinum MagnetBoron Cantilever
  • Output0.3mV
  • Weight12.5g Net
  • Recommended Tracking Force1.8-2.0g
  • Recommended Load75-500Ω