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Being the first person to use silver wire in audio designs, Mr. Kondo was given the nicknames of “The Audio Silversmith” and “The Master of Best Audio” for his position in the audio industry.
To get “the highest sound quality”, Mr. Kondo did comprehensive research from the input position of audio signal up to the output of sound, without compromise.
The charm of silver wire was brought up by his hands.  The sound of silver is warm yet vivid; it can fully express the vitality of music.
With the bold but prudent idea to get the highest sound quality by using silver, an expensive metal which had never been used in audio before, the sound character of Kondo Audio Note then was created. Audio Note silver wire is a product of audio passion with careful attention paid to the handling of material. The products that Audio Note delivers produce sound quality that reaches beyond the highest worldwide standards.
The products of Audio Note are made for, and bond with, the audiophile’s heart.

Other Products by Kondo Audio Note Japan
GE-1 Phono Preamplifier

Designed to be the companion Phono amplifier of Integrated amplifier Overture and Pre-amplifier G-70, GE-1 gives the best out of analog playback with high definition and rich musical characters.
The newly developed phono amplifier circuitry is fueled by a gigantic power supply section. This special design draws the charms out of all recordings no matter matching with vacuum tube or solid state amplifier.
With intimate and crystal clear sound, GE-1 will definitely fill your audio enjoyment with ultimate pleasures.
GE-1 Phono Preamplifier technical specs
  • Gain 34dB
  • Input / Impedance 2pairs (RCA, unbalanced) / 47kΩ
  • Output 1pair (RCA, unbalanced, over 20 kΩ load)
  • Tubes 6072 x3, 6X4 x1
  • FeaturesOutput circuit is constructed by 2-stages NF+ cathode follower to reach low output impedance. It ensures freshness sound.A cut core power transformer with minimal magnetic flux leakage is adopted, providing best foundation for good sound quality.Decoupling capacitors are carefully placed along 4 different sections to create shortest routes on NFB paths, making signal loop with best purity.Pure copper sub-chassis is used to realize lively and open sound.
KSL-M7 Phono Preamplifier
KSL-M7 Phono Preamplifier technical specs
  • Gain Phono 46dB
  • Input / Impedance 1pair (RCA, unbalanced) / 50kΩ
  • Output 1pair (RCA, unbalanced)
  • Vacuum tube 12AX7 x2, 12AU7 x2, 6X4 x1
Overture II Integrated Amplifier

Blending the high power output of Pentode EL34, with Triode’s iconic richness in musicality.
Fully unleashed the wildness and dynamic of music while having all micro details expressed with textures.
Audio Note’s philosophy of an ideal integrated amplifier. A simple audio system of excellent balance. Capable of giving the best from details, dynamic and musicality.
Overture II Integrated Amplifier technical specs
  • Rated Power 32W + 32W @1kHz, 1% THD
  • Input / Impedance 4pairs (RCA, unbalanced) / 50kΩ
  • Output4Ω, 8Ω
  • Vacuum tube EL34 x4, 12BH7 x2, 6072 x2
  • FeaturesNew output transformer was designed for higher sound quality. By introducing a 3rd winding exclusively for NFB and re-calculated feedback amount, a well balance of dynamic and low distortion is realized.Power tubes are famous pentode EL34, which are first application in Audio Note product. In order to secure a minimum of 30W even matching with low efficiency speakers. Output impedance are 4Ω and 8Ω selectable.Reference to many classic push pull circuits with addition to our original new ideas, the performance of EL34 amplifier is elevated to a completely new level, combining both dynamic and delicate tonal balance.
SFz Step-up transformer

Based on our silver wire application know-how compiled over years, Kondo applied all of their transformer winding skills and understanding of wire diameter versus sound characteristics. The new SFz is a result of full exploit of the excellent sound characteristic of pure (99.99%) silver.
Complete freshness which awakes the delicate power of music expression over a quiet space.
It is the ultimate pleasure for any analog lover.
SFz Step-up transformer technical specs
  • Primary impedance 1.5Ω (for 1Ω~10Ω cartridge30Ω (for 11Ω~40Ω cartridge) Only ONE pair of input terminal should be connected.
  • Step-up ratio 34dB(1.5Ω), 20dB(30Ω)
  • Load impedance 47kΩ(recommended)
  • FeaturesNewly developed multi-layers balanced style winding structure. Together with the use of pure silver wires, rich sound with refine smoothness is obtained.A large size core laminated of extremely thin 0.1 mm permalloy, realizing low loss and low distortion.Double shields structure made of a permalloy case and a pure copper inner case.Double float mechanical damping by special selected materials.Signal output is direct with minimum connections. Flagship silver cable Ls-41 is used as output cable.
IO-M Phono Cartridge

Magnetic resistance is highly reduced by extra thickness of the yoke, so there is a large improvement over ordinary cartridge designs.

Moreover, through precision design of magnetic circuit and unique design in resonance countermeasures, music is released seamlessly from the pianissimo to the fortissimo accompanied with grand and noble stage. The long aged silver used further enhance the playback naturalness and appealing power.
IO-M Phono Cartridge technical specs
  • Cartridge type moving coil type
  • Output level 0.12mV(1kHz, 5cm/sec)
  • Internal impedance
  • Compliance 6.0×10-6cm/Dyne
  • Stylus pressure 1.5~1.8g
  • FeaturesNewly designed magnetic circuit empowering the maximimun performance of Alnico magnet.Special structure cantilever made with super hard aluminium alloy. Aluminium cartridge body is made by machine milling.Internal coil, output pins, lead wires are made of pure silver to guarantee perfect signal handling