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Here at Audio by Mark Jones (AMJ) we specialize in Linn LP12 set-ups, probably the best available here in Ontario. We also offer the wonderful products from Vinyl Passion, designed, engineered and built in the UK.

Other Products by Vinyl Passion Linn LP12 upgrades
Revolution power supply

The new 2 speed Revolution power supply for the LP-12 Unsatisfied with the performance of other internal power supplies on the market? The Revolution offers outstanding phase balance and extremely low output distortion. This internal unit rivals the best outboard supplies.
Revolution power supply technical specs
Unity Two sub-chassis

The unusual shape of the Unity has been designed using computer finite element modelling techniques

The VP Unity has main bearing and arm-board seats milled to be exactingly flat tolerance, guaranteeing perfect alignment of the stylus to the record groove.

The unique shape, with its non uniform cross section and carefully sculpted curves ensures a totally stiff structure that eliminates all ringing
Unity Two sub-chassis technical specs