I was always I vinyl nut, so much so, I never actually bought a CD player. I only played black discs! Then I discovered Bryston’s spectacular BDP digital player. When combined with a top notch DAC this thing sounded great and combined with the convience, I was hooked. All of a sudden I started listening to more digital than analog, what a 180. I had fantastic turntables, they all sounded lovely but that darn Bryston sounded so nice and was ridiculously easy to use, I just got lazy. Then Louis Desjardins delivered, set up and hooked up one of his babies. Bingo, I am back to my old self. I think no less of my digital, but wow analog like I never heard before. Record after record, I’m re-discovering my collection. Then there’s the bad, I can’t stop buying new records. My records have become master tapes and my collection has become an archive, so special is this table.

If you would like to hear a Kronos and learn why it sounds the way it does, please get in touch with me and make an appointment for a one on one visit at my Hifi Studio.

Long live the record,


Kronos Sparta needs an arm