The finest most precise turntable set-up in the country

Click the link to open the Analogmagik software page for pricing and details.

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CH Precision P1 here for demonstration at AMJ

It is well known that the electrical characteristics of turntable cartridges differ greatly from one cartridge to another. Ohm’s law shows that Moving Magnet cartridges will generate larger voltages while Moving Coil cartridges are […]

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Kronos Pro and Moby’s 18 album

I love this album, especially listening to it on the Kronos Pro/SCPS/Black Beauty/Lyra ETA SL/CH Precision P1 phono-stage analog system.
Come for a visit or just wait to hear it at TAVES 2017, the album […]

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A few recent High End Analog Audio photos


Lyra has arrived at AMJ.

We have both the Etna SL and Delos on display and ready to listen to.
As well as back up stock, so no need at least for the moment to wait months for your Lyra.

We […]

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Kronos SCPS

Kronos’ incredible Super Cap Power Supplies a game changer.
The Kronos in it’s basic form was already a game changer to begin with but the addition of this revolutionary power supply, Kronos has removed the […]

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VPI’s on demo including the Avenger

VPI has been added to the the mix (Kronos and AMG) here at Audio by Mark Jones.
The Avenger on demo is still awaiting a custom arm board to support a Graham Phantom to turn […]

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Tenor Phono 1 review

Check out the recently published review of the Tenor Phono 1 by Richard H Mak in Mono & Stereo magazine,
Tenor Phono 1 review

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Kronos SCPS-1 Review

Click the link to read Dato’ Danon Han’s terrific review of the Kronos Pro with the new SCPS-1 power supply.
The review was recently published by Mono & Stereo magazine.
Kronos Pro with the SCPS-1 power […]

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The first two Kondo pieces are here.

The GE-1 Phono amplifier and the CFz step up moving coil transformer.

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