Kronos SCPS-1 Review

Click the link to read Dato’ Danon Han’s terrific review of the Kronos Pro with the new SCPS-1 power supply.
The review was recently published by Mono & Stereo magazine.
Kronos Pro with the SCPS-1 power […]

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The first two Kondo pieces are here.

The GE-1 Phono amplifier and the CFz step up moving coil transformer.

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Finally a Tenor Phono 1 available for demo.

The last three units meant as AMJ demo pieces all had to go to paying clients, So so happy to finally have one here glued to the many demo rack by Massif.

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Latest version of the Konos Pro arrives

Here are few photos to enjoy.


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New AudioDesk Pro record cleaner announced

The new Audio Desk Pro record cleaner are now available in Canada at $5495 CDN

Features of the new Vinyl Cleaner PRO include a new premium motor, an upgraded pump with ceramic bearings, and improvements […]

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Tenor Phono 1 review/videos

Check out these 4 cool videos on the Phono 1 review by Mike Malinowski, filmed by AV Showrooms.
Tenor Phono 1 review/videos

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AMG Viella Dual Arm

We now have the Viella available for demo with the dual tonearm board.

The AMG Teatro is mounted in the 12″ 12J2 tonearm and the Benz LPS Mono cartridge in the 9.5″ 9W1 tonearm.

We may try the […]

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0.5 Sparta by Kronos

AMJ (Audio by Mark Jones), the first audio shop on the planet to have a Sparta 0.5 in captivity. That is until it’s sold!
This table is beautiful both for the eyes and ears. We […]

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New Kronos motor upgrade – Wow

OMG, cannot believe how one of the best turntables in the world can be improved to such new heights. This table will convert your album collection into a master tape archive, incredible. It must […]

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The Benz LP Mono got mounted.

Last nights listening session was awesome. If you want mono records to sound their best you need a mono cartridge, wow.

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