Two new goodies just arrived

I will most likely mount the LP Mono in The Ikeda/Garrad 401 for the weekend and save the SLR for the next lucky AMG Viella client. Both should be matches made in heaven.

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The new Kronos Sparta 0.5

Click the Press release to enlarge









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Kronos and the new spectacular motors

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A special tonearm indeed.

It is in our opinion, this one of the best sounding tonearms available today. This level of performance stems from the fact that this tonearm was designed taking in consideration fundamental physics issues that […]

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My current crop

Thorens TD124/ SME IV/ Charisma REF One

I may not have the most quantity-wise, but definitely the most interesting four tables available for demo!

Kronos LTD/ Black Beauty/ Acoustical Systems Archon

AMG Viella 12/ Teatro cartridge

Garrard 401/ […]

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Garrard 401 and the Ikeda 407 and 9TT

It’s finally finished, England meets Japan. With lots of help from Matthew of Audio Grail and Russ of Layers of Beauty, This baby is now singing.





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Its almost ready…..

My latest project, I must be nuts, not another turntable.

A NOS Garrad 401 bought as surplus from Britain’s Ministry of Defence, still in the original box with all the packaging and paperwork. I purchased […]

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AMG SME and Kronos

How’s That for a table line-up.
SME 20/12 V12
Kronos Limited Edition Black Beauty arm
AMG Viella V12
And a perfect Garrard 401 with the amazing Ikeda IT-407 being built and will be added soon.

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I miss our Ikeda It-407

I miss the SP10 too.
A shinny new chrome 407  is on the way, to be mounted on a very special Garrard 401. It will be one of those tables that will be very hard […]

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The AMG products have landed.

Available for demo is the incredible AMG Viella V12 table and tonearm. We will also have the shorter 9″ arm available for demo.
Initial listening tests have been super positive paired with Ortofon’s wonderful MC Anna.
The […]

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