Approx 12 years old. These Studio Black VSM-Millennium speakers are a one owner pair that were upgraded by Merlin to the latest Black Magic and single ended Master BAM with Master RCs and Master Jumpers in May, 2014.

Amazing sounding speakers that compete with speakers in the $20k price range. See reviews by Positive Feedback, StereoMojo, Stereophile, and many others. Some reviewers quotes:

“However, gauging from the numerous speakers I have heard, it is my humble opinion that it represents the best value in its price range by a healthy margin. It is also the best overall 2-way speaker I have ever heard irrespective of price.”

“In terms of comparisons, the only other speakers below $25,000 that I’ve heard, which approach the VSM MXM in terms of sheer neutrality, transparency and musicality, are the Verity Parsifal Ovation ($20,000) and Martin Logan CLX ($19,900)”

“But what drew me in to the VSM first was its smooth, airy, graceful top end, delicate yet detailed. It sounded downright luxurious without being syrupy or unctuous. Bright or peaky recordings were revealed for what they were. There were clarity and focus, without a trace of harshness or grain. Transient events happened naturally fast and incredibly cleanly.  Then I began to notice the speaker’s astounding ability to grab post-event decays and hold them way into the blackest recesses of infinity. The VSMs rivaled electrostatic designs in this regard, but seemed to take even longer to fade even further to black—at least compared to the electrostats I’ve heard. The VSM’s retrieval of microdetails was among the best I’ve ever heard from any speaker at any price.”

Original box, manual, and alignment tool included.