Magico A5 Review

Written by Edgar Kramer of Soundstage Australia, October 2020

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Our Latest additions

Three new fantastic high end audio brands have made their way to our showroom floor.
Fyne Audio Loudspeakers

Lumin Network Music Player’s and transport’s

Vertere Record Players

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Magico A3 Review by Alan Sircom of HIFI+ Magazine

Another amazing review for Magico, here is the link

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Magico A3 review by Soundstage Ultra

An excellent review written by Hans Wetzel
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Magico A3 review

First Impressions review by Matej Isak of Mono & Stereo Magazine.
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Luxman event June 6th

We are having a Luxman event here at Audio by Mark Jones.
Jeff Sigmund, who runs Luxman America will be on hand to talk about Luxman’s newest products and answer any questions.
We will have many new goodies from […]

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Toronto Audiofest 2018

Please come visit us in the Easton room, main lobby floor adjacent to the restaurant/bar.
On Demo will be the Magico A3’s powered by Luxman electronics. We will also be showing products from Aqua Acoustic […]

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August 21st Event

For those of you that missed the last Magico event in June, this one promises to be even better.
Factory representatives, Peter Mackay and Jay Rein, of Magico and Chord respectively, will be on hand […]

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Some recent Constellation reviews

The Absolute Sound on the Inspiration Integrated
Soundstage on the Taurus Mono Amplifiers
Stereophile and the Inspiration Stereo 1.0 amplifier


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Luxman L-509 reviews

This beautiful Integrated is the bomb 😉
What Hi-Fi

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