The Montreal Audio Fest 2018

We would like to thank the organizers (Sarah and Michel) and their staff that made The Montreal Audio Fest an absolutely wonderful show, job well done thank you.
Also big thanks to my partners, CH Precision, […]

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Introducing The Amazing Chord DAVE

WOW, what a DAC, an amazing sounding digital pre-amp, and is this one of the best headphone amps? all this bundled in one incredible piece of gear.
We are so excited to have been appointed […]

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The new Magico A3 will be in the Toronto area soon.

You Say You Want A Revolution!

Magico is proud to launch the A series. At long last a Magico loudspeaker obtainable for a wider audience; the A3 brings together a bevy of technologies unheard-of at […]

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Bryston Active Event November 16th

We are having a Bryston Active event here at Audio by Mark Jones.

There will be a complete Bryston Digital Active system set up for demonstration. Both James Tanner and Steve Brothman of Bryston will be […]

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Bryston’s new BP17 Cubed pre-amplifier

The BP17³ delivers incredible sonic performance while still adhering to traditional, fully discrete, analog circuits throughout the preamplifier.

The BP17³ includes the patented Salomie circuit found in all Cubed Series amplifiers and incorporates much of […]

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Recent photos of the best in High End Audio – Part 1

Is this not the best in High End Audio in the Toronto area, we think so!

Recent photos of the best in High End Audio – Part 2

Is this not the best in High End Audio in the Toronto area, we think so!

Tannoy GRF

TAVES (Toronto’s high end audio show) 2017

Well another TAVES show is on the way. We are Looking forward to checking out the new venue at The Toronto Congress Centre, October 13-15th. Berton 4
This year’s system in the BERTON 4 room […]

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Bryston Active system in the house!

Bryston Model T’s in the new Espresso finish with Bryston’s new digital active crossover the BAX-1
Powered by two 4B Cubed amps looking after the midrange and high frequencies.
And two mono 28B’s Cubed power amps powering […]

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Audio by Mark Jones visits the Magico factory

Yeah I know this is the second posting about the factory visit but….
WOW, what an experience. Alon and his team go to the nth degree in terms of everything. The quality, attention to detail, […]