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“The things that define you are not just the things that you do, but the things you say no to. Saying no is focus. We only make music and the products that support its reproduction. We say no to anything else. Be narrow. Be good. Stay focused.”

Hand-crafted, high-end home music reproduction systems designed, engineered and built by people that care: about lifestyle, music, the environment, quality, fairness and the trust they have earned over the last 40 years

Product of the year!

When’s the last time the reviewers all agreed on anything?

DirectStream may be the first.

PS Audio DirectStream DAC

PS Audio DirectStream DAC

What an incredible product we just love the way this thing sounds and the fact that there are endless possibilities for continual improvement with its FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) rather than an off the shelf chip as in almost every other DAC available .

Brilliant technology here, what other DAC can be improved each month. In fact since its release 9 months ago, there have been 20 updates.

In the market for DAC? this is a must listen.

The absolute Sound review

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