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The mission of Shunyata Reseach is to lead the field in technical innovation and custom-parts engineering, and to create power and signal audio products of the highest quality and performance.

Caelin Gabriel is a former US military research scientist. His background includes the design of ultra-sensitive data-acquisition systems. These systems were designed to detect extremely low-level signals otherwise obscured by random noise. This required years of intensive research into the sources and effects of signal and power-line noise interference. Gabriel’s subsequent work experience involved the development of high-speed networking devices like the 1GB/s fibre-channel interface and the present 100MB/s and 1GB/s ethernet devices. These unique work related experiences were at the highest levels of government and computer science. This extensive design background led Gabriel to develop the fundamental design concepts for the patented technologies, measurements and custom-designed parts that form the cornerstone of the Shunyata product range.

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