Well another TAVES show is on the way. We are Looking forward to checking out the new venue at The Toronto Congress Centre, October 13-15th. Berton 4

This year’s system in the BERTON 4 room will feature:

Kronos/Lyra analog,  Aurender and CH Precision digital, CH Precision amplifiers, the wonderfully Red Focal Sopra 3 speakers, cables and power by Nordost. The racks, risers and amp stand are by Massif Audio Design and the room tuning by Sonic Solutions

We will be doing our usual demos focusing on 70’s and 80’s music (don’t worry we will squeeze in some Jazz and Classical too). However, at the top of every hour for 15 minutes, Michael Taylor and Bruno Delormier of Nordost will be demonstrating the new QKore products.

There will be some great deals to be had with this year’s show specials. Inquire at the show or get in touch with me the week following.

2016 TAVES report by AVS Forums

TAVES 2016 - Audio by Mark Jones

TAVES 2016 – Audio by Mark Jones

Hope to see you there.