Tenor 350m Audio by Mark Jones

In the late 1990’s, Tenor initiated an ambitious research & development project to better understand why noteworthy high end amplifiers failed to render a convincing musical experience. Intensive analysis and subjective listening of live and recorded material persuaded them the musicality of an amplifier could not be determined by conventional wisdom alone.

High end amplifiers are purposely designed to reproduce a static sine wave or square wave with minimum distortion, maximum linearity, large bandwidth and low residual noise into a set load. Unfortunately, sine waves and square waves do not adequately represent the complexities of a normal musical signal. A multitude of frequencies, each with their own delicate harmonic content in constant change of amplitude and time, is played as music into the fluctuating load of a typical loudspeaker. These changes can be relatively slow or very fast and can happen simultaneously or in combination.

Tenor acknowledge that standard static testing is valid and necessary to evaluate basic amplifier parameters but certainly not sufficient to measure the real dynamic music principles. After all, “the ultimate judge for musicality must be our ears and we were not yet hearing music!”

With this in mind, Tenor set out to design an amplifier that would not only reproduce simple test tones but music. This was a very difficult “first principle” undertaking but a very logical one in their opinion. Tenor spent several years developing proprietary technology to study these dynamic principles which ultimately became known to us as Harmonic Structural Integrity and became the foundation for all of their designs.

Inside the Tenor 350M Audio by Mark Jones

Tenor’s design philosophy considers both static and dynamic principles in the pursuit of the perfect amplifier! Understanding the laws of physics is a crucial first step followed by careful and tedious execution of industrial design.

Each Tenor is meticulously hand crafted using the latest in technology, finest of materials and old world craftsmanship before their “Mark of Perfection” can be placed on it. Tenor’s reputation depends on it … and your expectations demand it! Only then can the true passion of the music be experienced!

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