I have had a few comments about having to go from page to page to find deals, so here is one big list. You can contact me for details and/or photos.

What we have here is a mix of sealed, demo, trade-in and consignment gear.

So here goes:

  1. Bryston A2 loudspeakers BLK vinyl, trade-in, regular $2940, sale $1495

  2. Fidelity Research FR64 FX Silver wire $1795

  3. Focal 1000F Sub, trade-in, retail $1900, sale $799

  4. Harbeth 40.1 Cherry, trade-in, regular $18,000, sale $7700 (SOLD)

  5. JL Audio F112 (2014) Mint, $2500 (SOLD)

  6. LFD DLS Pre-amp, consignment, (SOLD)

  7. LFD Anniversary Mono amps, consignment, sale $7000

  8. LFD Reference Silver speaker cable, consignment, sale $1400

  9. Linn LP12 Valhalla/ Basik Plus new armband and springs $1795

  10. McIntosh MA6100, trade-in, (SOLD)

  11. SME IV (20 years old needs new cuing lift), sale $1300 (SOLD)

  12. Tannoy GRF-90 (limited edition), demo, regular $26,000, (SOLD)

  13. ZYX 4D Ultimate with SB option, regular $6225, Mint with less than 20 hours $3225