We would like to thank the organizers (Sarah and Michel) and their staff that made The Montreal Audio Fest an absolutely wonderful show, job well done thank you.

Also big thanks to my partners, CH Precision, DVL Audio, Nordost, Kronos Audio, Aurender, Massif Audio Design and Magico for all their help in making this such a successful event for us.

But most importantly a big huge thanks to attendees, without them there would not be a show. Thank you so much for coming out to have a listen to our system set up in the St-Lambert room.

The heart of the system was the new CH Precision I1 integrated with built in DAC and phono based on CH’s incredible C1, P1 and A1 separates. Speakers were the Magico S3 MKII’s, Cables were mostly Nordost Valhalla 2, Aurender N10 digital player/streamer, and the turntable was the amazing Kronos Pro with the Lyra Etna SL. The gear was sitting on a beautiful Massif audio rack.

Here are a few photos:

Audio by Mark Jones

CH Precision Nordost Magico Kronos Lyra



CH Precision Nordost Aurender Kronos Lyra

CH Precision Nordost Magico Aurender Kronos Lyra

Kronos Pro Audio by Mark Jones