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All Analog Digital Amplification Loudspeakers Accessories
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November 20, 2023

Bryston BP17 Cubed with Phono


This is our demo unit, not a trade in or consignment piece. It’s in excellent condition except for one issue, the little ding on the top right corner, made sure the photo makes it look worse than in person.

It comes with the all Aluminum Bryston BR2 remote

Also comes with original box and packaging

Retails for $6595

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November 15, 2023

Luxman M05 pure class A power amplifier


This thing is in fabulous condition, a beautiful example of this classic amplifier.

105 watts per channel pure class A, actually uses two power cords, one for each channel.

We may have to remove this ad, kinda want to keep it forever.

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November 15, 2023

Ikeda IT 407


This tonearm was a one off a kind, built especially for us with a little indent and a spot of Red paint to locate the pivot point (just visible in the last photo). I believe they have since built a few more with this very useful feature, but this was the number one ever built like this!

It’s in fabulous condition, comes with a stock Ikeda headshell, photos show the AS Arche. We can sell with the Arche but at a premium. Also comes with Ikeda tonearm cable and original wooden box.

This arm retails for $8100 USD’s (just over $11,000 CAD).

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November 15, 2023

ProAc D30RS


These are in great shape except for a mark on the top of one in the second photo. I can send detailed photos if needed.

Retail on these babies is $11,825.

These are wonderful sounding loudspeakers finished in Rich Walnut.

They come with the original boxes.

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November 15, 2023

Linn LP12


A lot going on and kinda special about this one. It it’s a mixture of new and old parts and two really great aftermarket bits.

New springs, grommets, belt, hardware, armboard, Trampolin base, Ekos SE tonearm cable, Platter and a two year old genuine Linn plinth.

The sub-chassis is a brand new Vinyl Passion Unity machined from billet in England. comes with the machined from billet VP armboard but I mounted a stock Linn, machined perfectly to fit the Unity. Has a softer sound and looks the part. You get both armboards.

The power supply is a two year old Vinyl Passion Revolution. This thing sounds amazing, not as good as the new Lingo 4 but rivals the Lingo 3. It has both 33 and 45 rpm. It’s made in England like the sub-chassis.

Top plate, bearing and motor are from the late 80’s. In fact the motor in the photo did not perform to a level this LP12 deserves, so it has been replaced.

Tonearm is the older Linn Ekos, but in fabulous condition with regards to bearing performance and as mentioned above come with a brand new Ekos SE tonearm cable.

Finally and most importantly, the table is set up and tuned to perfection.

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November 15, 2023

Audible Illusions Modulus 3B with John Curl MC phono input



This is our demo, never sold. Current retail with John Curl MC phono input is $9000 CAD’s. Comes with original packaging and two spare tubes. Very little usage and in excellent condition.

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November 15, 2023

Vertere RG1 Record Player / SG1 HB tonearm / Mystic MC cartridge



Retail on the latest version is $50,000. However, the new version comes with the new Tempo power supply, the unit here includes the older SG1 power supply.

It does however come with the amazing Pulse tonearm and motor drive cables which are not stand items.

Cartridge has approx 30 hours of playing time.

This table is the store demo, never sold or lent out, comes with original packaging.

The table can also be sold with or without tonearm and cartridge if needed.

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November 15, 2023

Garrard 401


OK, I got this table from Audio Grail in England. It was found at the Ministry of Defence in NOS condition, still in the original box with all the plastic still stuck to it. I have the original manual, the mounting template, and the signed QC cards, and obviously the original box. The plinth look and dimensions, designed by me. It’s solid Cherry wood with a Eucalyptus inlay, I had it built in England by Layers of Beauty. It comes with two additional armboards also finished in Eucalyptus, one cut for SME, the other a blank.

It comes with what I think may be the most beautiful arm on earth – The Ikeda IT407 (retail $8100 USD’s)

Like the Luxman M05 we have, this ad may need to be removed so I can keep this beauty forever 😉

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