ZYX phono cartridges

The origin of the name ZYX has been created by using the analog three-dimensional elements – Time (Z) Amplitude (Y) and frequency (X)

ZYX Universe II

All ZYX cartridges are equipped with the original real-sound power generation system where time-axis distortion is cancelled by the use of several patented technologies. These are also incorporated with the latest technology such as micro ridge stylus and boron cantilever.

Proud and innovative engineer Mr. Hisayoshi Nakatsuka
Mr. Nakatsuka of ZYX is the President and chief engineer, or maybe we should say the chief engineer and the President of ZYX. He was born in the Nagano prefecture in Japan. He has a long experience of audio equipment going back to a very early age.

After graduating from university, he worked in the development department of ‘Trio’ (Kenwood) and during this time has developed the worlds first ‘optical cartridge’Then he went to Ortofon in Denmark and developed a signature model MC-20.
In 1976 he was employed by Namiki Precision Jewel company, there he managed the OEM cartridge business for several manufacturers. Since 1986 he became independent as ZYX under the support of Namiki Precision Jewel company.

15 Patents. With all of the experience gained during his career, Hisayoshi Nakatsuka’s work has led to approval of 15 design patents. All this knowledge and know-how have been poured into the ZYX product range.

ZYX mounted on our reference Kronos table

ZYX mounted on our reference Kronos table

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