Audio by mark jones

DS Audio is a new company within the DCS group of companies, an award winning company in the laser opical market for over 25 years. Audio by Mark Jones is carrying two of their outstanding products. The Ion-001, which creates positive and negative ions to neutralize and remove static from vinyl records, and the ST-50, which is an excellent stylus cleaner, equipped with a
micro-dust cleaning gel specially designed for laboratory clean- room applications.

Other Products by DS Audio

Vinyl records have a surface static electricity charge created by friction. Two common sources of friction that creates static build-up are the stylus drag that occurs during record playback, as well as removing records from their jacket and sleeve.
By emitting both positive and negative ions in a controlled fashion from its dual outlets, the ION-001 ionizer unit effectively neutralizes and removes static electricity from the record surface.
The unit is completely silent during playback, and can also remove charge on Compact Discs.
ION-001 technical specs

The ST-50’ s cleaning gel is made of a urethane resin developed
specially for the purpose of atmospheric micro-dust control in
clean rooms. Extremely effective cleaning properties are required
to meet the specified standards for such applications. The ST-50
gives you the very best in stylus cleaning performance.
Many stylus cleaners apply excessive force to the stylus and cantilever during the cleaning process. The DS Audio ST-50 cleans
your stylus at the tracking force set on the tone arm.
ST-50 technical specs