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Structural vibration from music, people, elements, et al. can affect every piece of electronic audio equipment. Vibration misrepresents the signal in audio components by way of the chassis and the feet. Massif Audo Design products are designed to direct vibrational energy away from components as well as isolate components from external vibration.

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Massif Audio Design

With over twenty years of experience building pool tables and several years building custom furniture, heavy-duty and over-built wood products are familiar territory.

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Massif Audio Design

“I was once installing a ridiculously overbuilt pool table. It featured enormous two-inch thick slate (most slate is 7/8″ to 1” thick). Standard pool tables suffer from what I term “the bowling alley effect” whereby you can hear the ball rolling along the table from cushion to cushion. With this two-inch slate, there was no sound. The slate was too thick, too dense and too solid to allow any energy or vibaration to pass. I almost never see this and have never forgotten it. The same properties can be applied to the physics of audio reproduction.”

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Massif Audio Design

Combining a lifelong passion for audio with the skill and knowledge of solid wood furniture design, Massif Audio Design began producing beautiful, custom isolation platforms and component stands.

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