The superlative phono Cartridges and Tonearms are hand-made by Mr. Isamu Ikeda of Ikeda Sound Labs. Well-known as a sound master-craftman in Japan. He was one of the founders of FR (Fidelity Research Co.) and served as the president. The firm, located in Tokyo – Japan, had it’s golden age from mid 70’s to mid 80’s. Their FR-64 and 66 tonearms are legendary.

IT 407 Tonearm

Ikeda IT 407 Audio by Mark Jones

The most beautiful tonearm ever. Basically a modernized FR-66, the IT-407 is the perfect tonearm for low compliant cartridges like Ikeda’s own 9TT, the Allnic Puritas, and the classic SPU’s by Ortofon.

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9TT Phono Cartridge

Ikeda 9TT cartridge Audio by Mark Jones

A low output, low compliant moving coil. The ideal match for Ikeda’s IT-407 tonearm.

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