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HiFi Rose is a manufacturer of network streamers and amplifiers that are designed to be physically interacted with. Their network streamers are completely touchscreen enabled, with an intuitive interface and wonderful sounding.

Other Products by HiFi Rose

The HiFi Rose RS250A Network Streamer is your cutting-edge companion for audio and video entertainment. This streamer, DAC, and pre-amplifier allows you to immerse yourself in the sonic tapestries of timeless albums, as well as the engaging graphics and dynamic performances of the latest music videos. The RS250A is ideal for the voracious music fan who wants to access entertainment with a simple touch of the finger.
RS250A technical specs
  • Display8.8 inch Wide Angle Multi-touch panel
  • DAC ChipES9028 Pro
  • SNR116dB (A-wt)
  • InputsLine Input x 1, Optical In x 1, COAX x 1, USB Audio In x1
  • OutputsPreAmp Out (Unbalanced RCA) x 1, Optical Out x 1, COAX x 1, USB Audio Out x1, Headphone Out x1
  • Video OutputHDMI 2.0 x 1 ( up to 3840 x 2160 / 60Hz )

RS150 is a High-Performance Network Streamer that provides various multimedia services with high-quality sound and ultra-high-resolution video.

Create your own high-quality sound station with RS150.
RS150B technical specs
  • Display14.9-inch-Wide HD IPS Touch Screen LCD
  • DAC ChipESS Technology, SABRE ES9038PRO
  • SNR 121dB (Balanced),118dB (Unbalanced), A-wt
  • InputsOptical x 1, COAX x 1, Line-IN x 1, AES/EBU x 1, HDMI ARC x 1, USB DAC x 1
  • OutputsOptical x 1, COAX x 1, Pre-OUT (Balanced x 1, Unbalanced x 1), I2S-DVI x 1,I2S-RJ45 x 1, AES/EBU x 1
  • Video OutputHDMI 2.0x 1 ( up to 3840 x 2160 / 60Hz )

With a focus on delivering pristine sound, the RS130 is engineered to eliminate digital noise and ensure stable output. Its support for Fiber Optic Ethernet and Fiber Optic USB effectively blocks unwanted noise sources, allowing you to indulge in pure audio bliss. The built-in high-precision OCXO clock guarantees precise timing, maintaining a constant temperature for stable and accurate clock signals.
RS130 technical specs
  • Input1x USB 3.0 Fiber, 1x Ethernet
  • Output1x Optical, 1x Coax, 1x AES/EBU, 1x HDMI ARC, 1x USB, 1x 12SDVI, 1x 12S-RJ45
  • Video OutputHDMI 2.0x 1 ( up to 3840 x 2160/60Hz)
RSA720 Optical USB Hub 

The RSA720 is an innovative audio playback device that employs optical USB technology and multiple USB ports. This design ensures high-quality, noise-free audio from various digital sources, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an enhanced listening experience.
RSA720 Optical USB Hub  technical specs
  • InputsUSB 3.0 Type BUSB 3.0 10G SFP
  • OutputsUSB 2.0 Type B x2

The RS520 is an advanced, high-performance integrated amplifier and network streamer combo packing the main functions of existing all-in-one streamers into a single component with a powerful output of 200 watts per channel.

The RS520’s chassis is milled from a solid highly-durable aluminum block. This process creates an extremely rigid frame that significantly reduces noise-generating micro-vibrations that can degrade sound quality.
RS520 technical specs
  • Audio InputsAnalog:1x Line Unbalanced RCADigital:1x Optical, 1 x Coax, 1x USB, 1x HDMI (eARC) Bluetooth (Dongle)
  • Audio OutputsAnalog: 1x Line Unbalanced RCADigital: 1x Optical, 1 x Coax
  • Media Support2x USB3.0 (File system - NTFS/FAT32, Supported capacity - 512GB, External HDD by 4TB)1x MicroSD(File system -NTFS/FAT32, Supported capacity - 512GB) 1x SATA3.0 SSD(File system - NTFS, Supported protocol - FTP/WebDav, 4TB)1x USB Type C (Only for service)

The RA180 is a state-of-the-art integrated amplifier, using the latest innovative technologies, and also offers a MM/MC phono input, as well as a separate output for a subwoofer.
RA180 technical specs
  • Power Output200W (4 speakers)400 W for 2 speakers in BTL mode
  • Inputs1 balanced XLR, 3 unbalanced RCA, 1 MM/MC Phono