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Glanz is a brand that has been producing tonearm and cartridge masterpieces for many years, and has been adored by audio lovers for an equably long time. Their ultimate tonearm, constructed with the technical skill of a craftsman deeply versed in the characteristics of materials, is now able to bring you the to the pinnacle of original “pure” sound.

Glanz is the  home of arguably the finest precision gramophone tonearms in the world.  To own a Glanz product is to possess a jewel of near perfection in both performance and construction.

The “Jewel in the Crown” of Glanz Tonearms is the MH-1200S, shown here.


Total Length: 330mm

Effective Length: 305mm

Offset Angle: 20°

Overhang: 15mm

Mounting hole size: 30mmΦ


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Other Products by Glanz Tonearms

A 9-inch model of this tonearm is also available at the listed price

  • The arm pipe and vertical shaft parts (which greatly influence sound quality) are made from stainless steel.
  • Along the main conduction tube Glanz have reproduced a material close to stainless steel supplement, using brass with a tough chrome plating
  • The fulcrum is strongly supported with radial bearings
  • The inside force canceler, Arm Resting Device and Arm Lifting Device are insulated with ABS resin, and reduces reverberation distortion
MH-10Bs technical specs

Second model from the Japanese brand Glanz,  both the MH-9Bt and MH-10Bt tonearms are high effective mass tonearms. Supplied with headshell and includes a Glanz tonearm cable.

Available in both 9 and 10″.
MH-10BT technical specs

A 9 and 10-inch model of this tonearm are also available at the listed price

  • The weight is heavy, so a  weighty cartridge such as Ortofon SPU can be used comfortably.
  • The weight is placed near the fulcrum, therefore the tracking is improved and produces a dramatically solid sound.
  • Much less distortion and much clearer sound quality due to significantly modified damper design.
MH-1200 technical specs