Audio by mark jones

Possibly the best tonearm on the planet – The AS Axiom Anniversary

We are preparing the Acoustical Systems Anniversary to be used with the fabulous Kronos Pro turntable. The attached photo shows a temporary 3D printed prototype armboard, double-checking geometry. Prior to printing that UGLY RED prototype armboard, we tested the bearings, and OMG talk about frictionless – absolutely amazing!

The Axiom Anniversary Tonearm features 3 micrometers for repeatable fine tuning adjustments. VTA  can be adjusted with 1/500 mm accuracy and on the fly to boot! Anti-skating can also be adjusted with 1/500 mm accuracy, but the Tonearm also incorporates a non-linear magnetic force to counteract the skating force, with the utmost accuracy.

  • Axiom headshell

  • Full kit