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Clarisys are coming to Canada

We are so proud to be appointed the first dealer in Canada to represent Clarisys Audio, the most talked about speaker brand for 2023.

Clarisys Audio design and build planar ribbon speakers in the style of Apogee Acoustics (1981 to 1999). These new state of the art loudspeakers start with serious construction, machined from solid Aluminum, using double sided bass ribbons, neodymium magnet structures, and top quality crossover parts (example: Jantzen Superior Z, MultiCap and others). A dozen years have been spent reverse engineering this technology. The result is limitless dynamic range, subterranean bass, and realistically precise imaging. All this, while maintaining a flat easy to drive impedance curve and superb reliability.

Clarisys Audio

Here is a link to a very extensive review of the Clarisys Auditorium by Roy Gregory of Gy8

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