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Magico A5 wins double Stereophile award

In a first for Stereophile, Magico has garnered the “Loudspeaker of the Year” award for the second year in a row. This year, the A5 has won in a contest that “Wasn’t even close”, besting both the Wilson Chronosonic XVX and Klipsch Forte IV.

Of the A5, Jim Austin wrote:
I also appreciated the A5’s brute-force physical and visual aesthetic, calling it ‘imposing. It emanates gravity—that sense of massiveness—in much the way that Egyptian pyramids do, or Alpine cliff faces (although obviously on a smaller scale). Touch it, spend time around it, and you’re impressed with its substance.’

The Magico A5 also won the overall “Component of the Year award”, Magico’s first in their 17 year history. Congratulations to Alon Wolf and Magico on this tremendous achievement! Come to Audio by Mark Jones and check out the Magico A5 for yourself.

Magico A5 - Stereophile Component of the Year